Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Here Comes the Rain

Uh oh! I have seen the rain but now I've seen the Big Rain!! This morning mom was a little worried because it was raining super hard but she remembered she had puppy pads and hoped I hadn't forgotten how to use them. Guess what? I remembered!! She put them right by the door and I went right away. She was very happy.
So now we know when it raining too big to go outside - we  have a plan.

Note from mom: when I woke up to the sound of very heavy rain this morning I thought we would be in for it. I wasn't looking forward to standing in the rain with an umbrella and cleaning up a wet dog. His previous people gave us a whole bag of puppy pads. He went right away. So we are hanging out in my sewing/craft room which was originally a sunroom. I can have my coffee and watch him play.