Thursday, May 8, 2014

My First Night

It went great! I was quiet as a mouse all night long! I think mom and dad were very impressed. Of course we are in the honeymoon phase - so I might have to show them the "real" me every now and then. Keep them on their toes, you know!

I kept my new little bedroom clean all night long. I went to potty first thing when mom got up and then she fed me a delicious meal and then we went outside IN THE RAIN to potty again. But I did it!!

Mom says I smell like a wet dog now instead of her sweet little puppy. 

Mom took this picture of me this morning. I think she was trying to catch me throwing my toys up in the air but it was more interesting to stop and look at her then play. 

*Note from Mom -  I learned that he was not quiet as a mouse - Brad says he heard him about midnight crying like crazy but he just ignored him and he went back to sleep. This morning, potty training did go well, but I took him out one last time before leaving for work and all he wanted to do was play and lay down in the wet grass. I am sure when I go home at 11 for lunch he will be ready to get down to business when we go out!