Monday, May 19, 2014

Heaven. I'm In Heaven

Ahhh this is the life. Mom stayed home with me today and after we played and worked on our manners I was ready to conk out and I found the best place. Right in mom's lap!

Dad set me up with something new to play with this weekend. I get a real workout!
I have a good life!

Note from mom: we had a good weekend. Opie loves his new hanging rope. We also took a trip to Petsmart and bought new toys, treats and visited the Pet Hotel to get all the prices for everything from Doggy Day Camp to Overnight Stays. We can't wait for Puppy Orientation June 3rd and he has 2 free days of Doggy Day Camp that came with the puppy kit we bought.

The Puppy Kit sales for $19.99 and more than pays for itself several times over. We buy Royal Canin for Bulldogs which is $22 per bag and there is a $15 coupon for dogfood. You get 2 doggy day camp sessions, a free puppy spa bath, a free puppy orientation - plus numerous coupons for toys, products, etc.