Friday, May 9, 2014

It's A Big Dog's World

I don't think my mom and dad had any idea what it was going to be like to have a big boy like me in the house. I have certainly shaken things up. I want to play play play and they want me to sit and stay and fetch. Things like that. I like the fetch thing. I can do that pretty good. That is pretty fun. They bought me a big rope and we have the best time with it. I am so tired afterwards, I can't wait to take a nap!
Not so much with the sit and stay, tho. I don't see the fun in that. I had never been on a leash before so that was a new experience, too. Mom bought a pretty purple nylon collar and leash, but I guess she is taking it back. She and dad went to the store today and came back with a chain leash!! and training collar! Yikes! I think they mean business. I guess I was dragging my feet a little too much or something. Maybe it was the laying down in the grass when she wanted me to walk by her side, I don't know.
 I really don't like baths either. I had a little mess up in my crate and had to be sprayed down in the bathtub and I really wanted to jump out but mom held on pretty tight. She didn't get too wet.

We had fun playing outside most of the evening. I used up a lot of energy and I was so ready for bed and really did sleep good all night long.


*Note from Mom: I think the training chain/leash will make a world of difference. My head is still in a little dog's world - I am having to rethink everything. When I had a little 5 pounder I could do cute-sy - with Opie - I have to think practical and smart. He wasn't so bad in the bath - it was really just a spray-down. He had an accident in his crate and I had all his toys in his crate - which I have since learned is a no no. I also had a big nice soft pad in the crate - now I know I should have been using towels - easier to take up and wash until he is completely trained. We are learning as we go.
It is going to take time, patience and a lot of energy. His crate is huge but has the dividers that grow with him. This morning we spent an hour outside before I had to get ready for work. I usually play on the computer and drink my coffee. My husband put up a canopy on our deck and I can just have my coffee out there with my iPad and let him wear himself out before I leave for work. I go home every day at 11 and he will have an hour of play again. We are getting a good routine going.