Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Clicker Training

My mom bought a clicker! I like it! I like the sound it makes! Just something about that little click that when I do something she likes sometimes I get a tiny treat, sometimes I get a belly rub and sometimes she just tells me how great I am. I am getting a lot better at understanding some of the things she wants me to do. 
We work on "come", "down" and now we have added "sit". This morning I did all 3 without the clicker or a treat other than mom's praise. I think I like that best of all.

Note from Mom: Lord, please get us out of this "biting" stage quickly! Seems like I am constantly saying "no bite". Last night while playing in my lap with a toy, he  bit me on the top of the leg by accident. No more lap play while playing with a toy! He didn't break the skin but it sure did smart!
He is still only 3 months old so I know we have a good ways to go.