Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A New Home, A New Family

Today I was adopted! I have a new mommy and daddy!

...but first let me introduce myself! My "new" name is Opie Slaid Graves. You can call me Opie.

I was born February 8th, 2014. Gosh, I almost made it to Valentine's Day. Oh well. ♥
I am NKC registered and I am told my first parents bought me from a reputable breeder thinking they would be in a house by the time I was ready to go live with them.  It just didn't work out.

My first baby pictures:

 When I first met my new parents - I was pretty excited! I knew right away that we were going to be a happy family. I heard about all the kids in the family - 4 girls and 2 boys - and I can't wait to meet all of them. They all live in other states so it might be a little while. I just know we are going to get along great. Oh, one of them will be coming this summer. I am going to get lots of hugs and kisses, I bet.

I made my first trip to Petsmart tonight. I got a huge crate with dividers, a nice puppy pillow, purple collar and leash, 4 new toys and some really yummy dog food. Mom says it is specially formulated for my breed. It taste great. I think I saw some treats in there, too. We had so much fun shopping and everyone kept saying how cute I am.

I am ready for my first night to sleep on my comfy pillow in my nice new crate. 

Good night! 

*Note from Mom - I was shocked to see how big he is already when we picked him up. The first baby picture was taken 2 weeks ago (according to the previous parent) and he looks like he has almost doubled that size. At 17 pounds and stocky build he is like carrying a bag of bricks! He is so quiet and still when you hold him, another surprise. I have never seen a puppy so laid back but then when he is ready to play - it's on! He likes to toss the toys in the air and he loves leaves. He will pick one up in the back yard and play with it just like it is a ball. I think his favorite toy so far is the one that you put a plastic water ball in and it crunches. I am excited to see how well he will be doing by this time next week.
His original name was Jax and we just didn't think it fit him. Opie seems to fit perfectly. He is named for Opie on The Andy Griffith Show - Slaid is my husband's mothers maiden name and of course Graves is our last name.