Monday, May 12, 2014

Growing Growing Growing

Mom says I look like I grew over night. She wants me to slow down but I can't help myself. 
We are getting our morning routine down. Mom gets up at 5:30 and lets me run and play in the backyard while she sits and drinks her coffee. We play ball - she kicks it and I chase it. When mom is satisfied with me pottying we get to go into the music/computer room (that is where my bedroom is) and I get to lay on my pillows and get down to business on my giant chew chew while she has her 2nd cup of coffee and plays on her computer. When she has to get ready for work I go back in my kennel, but before she leaves for work we go out one more time. Then I am ready for my nap and wait for her to come home at 11 and we get a whole hour to be together. 

Note from Mom: I don't want to brag too loudly - he is doing better than I could have even hoped. When I told the vet techs where we are right now on everything they were very impressed. I know we HAVE to have him on a good routine before he gets bigger and bigger and bigger!