Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Memorial Weekend

A 3 day weekend with my mom and dad. Yea! We had so much fun. I love the smells coming out of the grill. My 2 big human brothers came over and had hot dogs and hamburgers. (No one gave me a single bite. :()

My mom bought me 4 new collars at Old Navy. I got a new bowl and mat set and more new toys at Pet Co. We played frisbee, ball and I even got in the pool with my new life jacket for a few minutes. 

We went to the dog park again and this time it was much more fun. I had lots of little dogs to play with. Two chi's really liked me. One lady didn't want her dog playing with me at first. She thought I was a Pit Bull puppy. After she learned I am a bulldog, she decided her dog could play. He and I had the most fun of all. I am glad his mom changed her mind. He was a yorkie mix. 

I discovered the sandbox at the park. That is so much fun!! My mom got a video. I was running and throwing up sand like crazy! It made me super hyper. My mom had to flush my eyes out when we got home because they got so red. I didn't know I was supposed to shut my eyes. How can I see where I am playing if I do that? It got on my tongue, too, but that didn't bother me. Later when we got home and I fell asleep in mom's lap, she said I snored really heavy. She thinks it messed my sinuses up, too. I guess we have to be more careful when we play in the sand. 

Note from Mom: Old Navy had their dog collars for $1.99! We bought 4. Brad says "he only has one neck". Ha! But since he isn't wearing clothing like my yorkie did, he can have different collars.
 I didn't think about him getting sand in his eyes or mouth. He never even sniffed at the sand when we were there the other 2 times. This time he saw one of the chi's playing in it so he had to see what he was doing. Once he put a paw in - it was on. He ran and jumped, dug holes - he had a blast. I have the cutest video. Here is a picture.
Water from the dog park fountain sure tastes good after a sandy tongue!