Sunday, May 11, 2014

My First Doctor Visit

Today I went to the vet at Petsmart to have a full puppy check up. That was NO fun. I was not a happy pup. They stuck me with needles and poked me and put things - well, I don't want to talk about it. I like Amber and Leah - the vet techs. They were both super nice and even gave me treats. They wanted to take my picture so mom said she wanted one of all 3 of us. Aren't they pretty?

My mom was pretty happy so I guess everything is ok. It looks like I will be going again soon to have a little snipping surgery. At least I will be asleep for that! I am going to get to go to Doggy Day Camp as soon as I finish my shots. That looks like fun! I get to go for 2 free days! 

They trimmed my nails today, too. Every one that saw me wanted to talk to me. I really like the little kids. I wanted to play with every dog I saw, I didn't care if they were big or little. Mom says it is really good that I am socialized and so friendly to everyone. Dr. Vet says I need to wait for my next round of shots in 3 weeks before I can go to the Dog Park. Dad wanted to go this week. I guess we have to wait. 

*Note from Mom - we talked about Opie's diet, his weight and his upcoming neutering. He is eating Royal Canin for Bulldogs which he seems to love. He weighs 18 pounds. I asked the vet how big did she think he would get and she said he could be anywhere from 55 - 90 pounds judging by his paws. (I am pretty sure I could have guessed that)